Welcome to this space of creation, intuition, sisterhood and femininity!

Obsidian Egg is a therapeutic tool for women who want to heal, transform and rebuild their femininity.

Our womb and yoni is our inner sanctum–a place to access our wisdom, our inner power. We all come from this magical, profound place.

Generally we don’t honor this sacred place, most of us use our wombs as psychic garbage bins, throwing the emotions that we’re unwilling to feel or face in there.

It takes courage to make the choice to reconnect with ourselves, to honor ourselves, and to celebrate ourselves as a sensual being. I admire you if you are reading this, and ready to commit with this sisterhood healing group… to me, it means that you have already started taking steps towards embodying the depth of your deep feminine essence.

Why Obsidian Egg?

The obsidian gemstone has many metaphysical properties and works on a mental, physical, emotional, energetical and spiritual level.

Some benefits of using yoni eggs includes:

  • Energetic cleanse
  • Recovery after childbirth
  • Preventing or remedying urinary incontinence
  • Enhanced sexual pleasure
  • Reduced menstrual cramps
  • More intense orgasms
  • Stronger vaginal muscles

The shortest ritual lasts 3 months and then it is recommended to rest for one month. This process can be repeated until we complete 9 months which is the whole treatment. (After this whole process it is necessary to rest for 3 months).
There’s no specific suggestion for women who don’t menstruate. We can either follow the same process or our own instinct.

How does it work?

We first start with a meditation/open circle/setting intentions for our healing journey.
We will have a secret group on the Facebook platform to share valuable information, videos, coaching and share our journey, commitment, intention, feelings and experience in a safe space.
Personal and individual assistance during all the process with Sophie.
Monthly: New moon ceremony

Cost: $95 USD prepayment monthly or a $245 USD prepayment for the 3 months.
Once you register, you will receive the information to get started (where to find your yoni egg, how to clean and charge it).


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