Yoni Egg Ritual

Healing, transforming and reclaiming our sacred femininity

Wombs are our multi dimensional portal to wisdom, inner creative power and profound magic;

A vortex to the higher power of life.

Our wombs deserve reverence and honour, yet we often use this sacred space as a psychic garbage bin, throwing emotions we do not want to fully feel or experience into her depths.

Not only do we as individuals discard emotions here, but our wombs also become a nest for ancestral information. 

The abuse, pain, loss and secrets that the women of your maternal bloodline experienced, are so often carried within you.

This unconscious behaviour and passed down emotional information can create experiences such as:

Disconnecting from our intuition and divine feminine

Attracting toxic or harmful relationships

Feelings of unworthiness and rejection

Lack of creativity or inspiration

Low self esteem

People pleasing – saying yes when you mean no

This 3 month online course is inspired by revered indigenous ritual.

 I guide you in using the sacred portal of your womb to reconnect with yourself, to honour yourself and to celebrate yourself as a powerful, intuitive, creative and sensual being.

This is your true nature as womxn. I am here to help you remember, reclaim and revel in the divine power of your femininity.

Our journey will begin in sacred ceremony with meditation and intention setting for this journey of deep healing and empowerment.

Throughout this course, we will explore:

Real connection with your body, intuition and sacredness

Lucid dreams and visions

The power of vulnerability


The multidimensionality of your feminine essence

Self expression and self love

The Divine Feminine

How to ignite our witch gifts

We will have a secret group on Facebook to share valuable information, videos, coaching and share our journey, commitment, intention, feelings and experience in a safe space.


You will also receive 1:1 individual emotional assistance from me any time throughout the course.

These rituals begin with either the new or full moon.

Are you ready to embody the sacred power of your womb?

This is an online group course and includes practices, teachings, coaching and support.



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