Shamanic Silence Retreat

A silent immersion for clarity, connection and magic

Are you seeking inspired clarity?

Do you wish to cultivate stronger connection with your inner voice, Source and Self?

Are you ready to access the power and magic of your creative flow?

Silence has been used in many shamanic and spiritual traditions to turn inward, to fine turn our awareness and come home to our truest self. 

Silence is a simple choice we can make that leads to transcendence;

It is our gateway to realms beyond the mind.

Silence is communion with your soul.

Inspired by the power of Vision Quests and Vipassana Meditation, after this 8 day in person retreat, you will:

Feel calm, grounded and connected

Have clarity around your intentions and vision

Experienec a deeper sense of purpose and direction

Know inner connection to the Divine

Feel an expansion of self love

Have clarity on your next steps forward

Feel a deeper embodiment of your free will

When we choose to live in constant, overstimulated ways of being, we can become lost, confused, overwhelmed and disconnected.

By revelling in the power of silence and stillness, we feel an overwhelming connection to LIFE, to the Divine, to ourselves. 

Through silence, we can clear our channel for downloads, creativity, magic and inspired action.

The Shamanic Silence Retreat is set in the lucious and powerful Costa Rican jungle. 

Our journey is initiated with a fire and cacao ceremony where we set intentions for our time of silence.

There will be:

Daily sharing of indigenous wisdom


Daily yoga

Creativity Station (paints, sticks, stones etc)

We will fast for the first 4 days for detoxing and soul clarity.

During the final 4 days, delicious and healthy meals will be provided.

The intention of this experience is to open up your heart and soul.

To connect you so deeply with your own sacred essence.

So you can know how truly Loved you are.

So you can embody the true depth of your purpose, magic and soul inspiration. 

Are you ready to journey into the silence?

Facilitated in person in Costa Rica.

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