Shamanic Journeys

For those seeking sacred transformation, rebirth and soul connection

A portal for witches & magicians.

For the highly intuitive 

And wild beings of Mother Earth.

You are ready to deeply embody your individual power;

To activate abundance

And anchor in to your inherent magic and unique gifts.


You are being called to remember sacred wisdom.

Spirit, Nature, Earth and Source

Are beckoning you closer. 

You feel called to step into your highest, powerful potential, yet you know you are holding yourself back.

These may sound familiar:

Struggling with clarity regarding your visions, purpose and relationships

Feel your power, expression or creativity is stifled

Unsure of your gifts or how to use them

Attached to toxic or codependent relationships

Controlled by by limiting and self sabotaging beliefs

Feeling disconnected to your intuition and sense of self

Lacking meaning, fulfillment or purpose

Our potential, magic and sovereignty becomes extinguished when we let subconscious programs such as these control our life.  

To ignite our inner power, to heal and radically transform we must face death, confront the shadows and die to be reborn into unconditional LOVE, Divinity and ultimate Truth.

Through my 30 years in Latin America, indigenous communities and shamans have shared with me their wisdom, tools and rituals. 

This has deeply strengthened my own magic and connection with Spirit, Earth and Sacredness.

What I offer is a deep portal of intense self exploration.

An activation of ancient memories stored within the DNA.

Powerful, creative codes that hold the essence of your potential.

My medicine is sharp, life changing, intuitive and in flow with the Divine Feminine. 

Your process becomes my process. We enter together, we come back together.

There is no space for victimhood, no time for bullshit or excuses.

You come ready with the fierce heart true transformation asks for.

You will know if it is your time. 

Shamanic Immersion

Transform your reality through a 7 day 1:1 immersion with Sophia


Transmuting generational and conditioned beliefs so you embody your magic, purpose and power

Shamanic Intuitive


Healing on all dimensions of self for true fulfillment

Yoni Egg Ritual

Healing, transforming and reclaiming your sacred femininity


Silence Retreat

A silent immersion for clarity, connection and magic

My work is deep medicine for you, for humanity and for an ascended future of unity. 


Rebirthing ourselves is raising collective frequency and shifting consciousness. 

This is what Mother Nature needs, this is how we restore 

devotion, reverence and love for the sacredness of Life.

This is how we unite heart and mind.

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