Shamanic Intuitive Journeys

Healing on all dimensions of Self for true fulfillment

Shamanic Intuitive Journeys are the catalyst for your path of transformation and transcendence.

By letting our energy seep out into the burdens and fears we carry within our beings, we are unable to fully live our potential, our power and our creative magic.

Transforming our fears and past wounds is imperative to truly thrive in freedom and sacredness.

Is a past trauma limiting your ability of presence and joy?

Are you struggling to let go of or move on from limiting fears?

Are you prepared to transform, to embody your full self and activate the lost power of your life force energy?

These sessions are journeys into the soul.


Their purpose is to:

Shift uncomfortable or unpleasant situations

Heal from past traumas

Embody your life purpose

Let go of all that does not serve

Cut with toxic and/or karmic relationships

Activate your perfect life partner

Through the power of symbols, sounds, drums, light language, rites of passage and a variety of modalities, I create a trance-like atmosphere so we can travel into the many dimensions of self.

I prepare a sacred space and safe container for you to deeply relax, trust and let go.

I channel the source of your divine being to access the unconditional Love that already exists within you.

We will :

Bring light and peace to grief

Cut or heal toxic relationships

Connect with your soul information

Access your true guidance and intuition

This is a journey for those who are ready and willing to grow and transform.

Who are prepared to let go and connect with the lost parts of themselves.

Who are ready to transmute their fears into Love, Truth and Empowerment.

In person and online sessions available.

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