Shamanic Immersion

Transform your reality through a 7 day 1:1 immersion with Sophia

A rite of passage.

An initiation from the mundane to the sacred.

Your opportunity for ritualised and deeply channelled rebirth into your most sovereign, connected and awakened self.


If we are truly ready to shift, transform and rebirth, we must leave our comfort zone.

We must leave the safety net we have created and have the courage to spread our wings in order to deeply embrace:

The power of our true selves

The depth of our magic

The expansiveness of our potency

Our inherent nature as the wild, free and unlimited self

This version of you already exists.

She is hiding behind the layers of shadow and secrets.

Inspired by the wisdom and ancient practices of indigenous rites of passage, Shamanic Immersions are your opportunity to delve deep into your butterfly work.

Your cocoon is safe, warm and protected.

But the entire world, Mother Nature’s magic and the powerful laws of the Universe are waiting to hold you in unwavering support and love.

But these forces need the real you to come out of hiding.

They need the you without the layers of the falsehood to truly work in harmony for you.

In the masterpiece journey of 1:1 Shamanic Immersions, we will journey together into your secret garden.

You will experience:

Ultimate transformation of your life

A deep, immersive experience of connection with self

Realignment with your deepest truth

Shadow work for powerful self exploration, discovery and rebirth

Radical shift into self love

We will unfold

The dark

The ugly

The painful

The unknown

The lies

All parts of the self

We will walk the path of your true self;

Transmuting your darkness into magic light.

I will be your host in the luscious, healing environment in the Costa Rican jungle. 

This journey is completely intuitive.

There is no schedule, no program.

Your experience is completely designed by your higher self. I will channel the journey your true self is calling for.

Your investment includes:

Your room

All meals

A vast array of therapies

Daily rituals and ceremonies

1 week of soft integration after your journey

After the completion of your journey, you are welcomed to further your stay and join us as a community volunteer member of our soul family.

Will you commit to your own transformation?

Held in person in Costa Rica

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