So, what is a women circle for you?

For me, a women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom. These affirming community gatherings help women get in touch with their feminine strength and turn up their positive vibration.
I have been leading women circle for decades now and I have been watching a lot of magic happening.
But when one woman breaks the sacred, starts to gossip, lies or brings her violence or jealousy or hate to another woman at the heart of a circle, she is doing more than breaking a sacred space. She creates an unsafe circle for all the women inside.
A space where nobody is safe is not sacred anymore, and the circle is dead.
It just becomes a women s gathering, and oh god, here all the shit can happen! ….
So, being part of a sacred women s circle is a huge responsibility for the feminine, the community, the planet.
If you are not ready to open your heart, bring only the magic, be responsible and respectful, make a favor to others, don t join a circle.
Women are Goddesses of creation, but also can be Shiva of destruction.
And I guess this makes sense. When a woman is in pain, the entire creation is in pain, and life suffers. A woman in pain can be the most cruel being on earth.

Did you ever experience the hate of a woman?

Sophie Hardy

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