How to really make love?
This question is about how you really love yourself and your partner.
This is about how deep you want to go with yourself and your partner.
It is about LOVE !

There is no position or technique to have the most beautiful sexual experience ever!!!

When you accept the woman or the man you love the way she/he is, you open a safe space where vulnerability well comes…
The heart opens, the body opens, and in this openness you go to a highest level of intimacy.
In this space out of judgment you, him, her become LOVE.
When you become love, you create the magic, you can make love with your soul, you make love with the life itself.
When you touch his/her body, you touch the creation and the manifestation, you touch the life itself.
Making love becomes a sacred experience
Making love becomes a spiritual experience
And the spirits and souls dance together in ecstasy, like the oldest dance of the universe itself. This is the dance of love.
So, embrace the sacred.
Be love.
Make love.
Sophie Hardy

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