Oftentimes as women we end up disconnected from our feminine essence due to life circumstances. Working in a highly competitive environment, raising kids by our own after a separation, building a carapace to survive in adversity…

This common unbalance is a defense mechanism which can be helpful in the moment, but it does not serve us anymore when it becomes rooted in us.

You can experience the profound levels of freedom, joy and the love you deserve.

You were born for greatness. 

And it’s your time now. 

My intention is to inspire you to find your purpose, discover the real you and to love fully. 

You can be who you are born to be. 

You can live the life your heart truly desires.

You can uncover, heal and transform the hidden blocks that have kept you from manifesting everything you have ever wanted, once and for all. 


You can live your purpose, and fulfill your potential in this lifetime.

I designed the Goddess retreat to help you gain your power back, reconnect with your nurturing and creative side and cultivating the gentle strength, which is the essence of our innate power as women.

We are not here to fight, we are not here to be dominated nor to dominate. The feminine and masculine energies are equally important to be balanced and we all, women and men feel balanced when both energies are healed within ourselves.

Curious about what to expect? Click on the image to watch the video!

1700 USD p/p includes meals, room and photo shoot

Dates: coming soon

Group retreat upon request


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