Meet Sophie

I have been preparing my entire life for this BIG moment. 

And also to connect with you, here and NOW.

I was born and I have died many times, including in this life.

I worked successfully in the matrix.

Then I lost my house, my money, my husband, my sense of security.

I felt like a victim and wanted to commit suicide.

I am a woman like you, a mother of so many…

And a MAGICIAN, heir to a wide lineage of Celtic medicine women.

I am RESILIENT. I started over from scratch, but this time in alignment with my true Self.

I stood up and spread my wings to fly higher like a PHOENIX, for me first, and for you now.

I have been living in Latin America for thirty years, learning ancestral wisdom from indigenous people and shamans, CONNECTING WITH THE SACRED.

The great Mother Nature and the meaning of my purpose in life taught me the tools I am here to share with you to help you transform your life, hold your spiritual journey, and be ready for the next evolution of Humanity.

My comprehensive approach to healing blends a myriad of modalities including EFT, karmic healing, soul recovery, shamanic hypnosis, guided meditations, Reiki, Akashic Readings, rituals, ceremonies, but first of all, my very strong intuition and heart.


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