Meet Sophie

I have been preparing myself during my all life for this BIG moment. 

And I am so  ready to connect with you, HERE and NOW.

I was born and I have died many times, including in this life. 

I worked successfully in the matrix and felt so powerful.

I also lost my house, my money, my husband, my sense of security and I felt like a victim and wanted to commit suicide.

I has been a warrior woman, a RESILIENT. I started over from scratch, but this ti.me in alignment with my true Self.

I stood up and spread my wings to fly higher like a PHOENIX, and lost my fears. 

Then, I SURRENDERED to the power of vulnerability and love. 

And my life shifted forever!

So, expect some MAGIC because I am a witch from a wide lineage of Celtic medicine women, and something will change for good if we meet. 

I have been living in Latin America for thirty years, learning ancestral wisdom from indigenous people and shamans, CONNECTING WITH THE SACREDNESS, the power of the intuition and ancestral codes. I carry a mix of  ancestral and modern wisdom. 

And I am waiting for you to show up for co creating a better humanity, a better world together. 

Life needs you in your highest vibration


Love is the key. Love is EVERYTHING. 



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