Because I love human beings and I believe in communities, I believe that our future as humanity is through organizing ourselves and live in small communities and tribes.
I stand up, raise up and speak my voice today!
Too many places called « community » have nothing to do with communities.
Community starts with you…
You and your self!
You and your partner
You and your kids
You and your closest beloved, friends and soul family
You and your neighbors
Community is about vision, commitment, decision and common values.
There is no community when people are still acting from the mind, ego and power (of money, etc…)
No “community” is possible between you and your self when you are fighting constantly inside of you, when you are incoherent or when you are not committed with your personal grow, when your wombs are so present then everybody become a reflection you avoid or reject, when you don t have a spiritual practice to connect to the source so you need to take energy from others… etc…when you punish instead of create more conscious.
How can you possibly create a community with your neighbors when you are violent with yourself, your kids or your life partner?
Inner peace is a key…
Flowing is a key…
Love is a key…
And peace, flow and love is not about smoking cannabis, drinking ayahuasca or wearing hippy clothes!!!
To reach this state of balance, you have work to do.
It is about working hard on yourself, to become a better version .
Everybody can do it!
Community is a hard work, a research of balance between my needs and my boundaries.
Community is a safe place to be.
If I feel unsafe, if you feel unsafe, if we feel unsafe we lost the community.
At Triskel house, I have been working for years to create a community space where everybody is seen, listened and loved.
Because we all crave to be seen, listened and loved.
Feeling safe
And it is possible!
It is possible if we let go the control, if we open the heart, if we surrender, if we decide to create a circle where my breathe is the caress of your next inhalation and your exhalation is my next breathe.
We share a same whole inside and outside of us, and every thought, word and action have a direct consequence into the whole, inside and outside of us.
So when I observe people talking about community but using violence under their roof, power or corruption to take decision, non respecting nature, other s emotions, words or agreements I feel so grateful to be where I am with you!

This is about community!
With my self
With my kids
With my life partner
With my friends
With everybody who commit with.
This is TRIBE !
Here some rules 😉

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