Sophie Hardy

Medicine Woman

My mission is to hold your hand while you embark on a journey of deep self-discovery and healing so you can live in your truth, let go of your limiting beliefs and move forward into joy.

We didn’t come on earth to be perfect,
we came to be joyful, and this is our real purpose!


your fears, your deepest wounds, your default programming


to release your limiting beliefs that does no longer serve you so you can move forward into love


your authentic self, connect to your soul purpose and build a new reality

How can I help you?

  • Are you feeling lost, alone and wonder what you are doing on earth?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your life but don’t know where your fears are coming from?
  • Are you struggling with a relationship and feel like there is so much anger and resentment that you don’t see how it can work?


If you are ready to show up for yourself and take your power back I will hold a sacred space for you to embark on your healing journey. I want you to know that you already have everything within yourself. I will be here to guide you, offer support and hand you tools to help you grow and let go of your limiting beliefs.


Why I choose to be of service to others?

I have been there before. I went through the roller-coaster of life, and even reached the darkest part of myself when I literally lost everything. My life had become so painful that I could not take it anymore, I was even planning to commit suicide at some point.


From that place of darkness I had no choice but surrender and paradoxically, I found my highest light at that time.
And what stood out for me is the human capacity of transformation. When I realized that I could transition from a state of deep depression to a place of joy, abundance and magic, I understood that we all have this power within and we should make our journey on earth a pleasant one.


Many angels crossed my way to give me a hand when I most needed it and I feel so grateful today for the tools they shared with me to build the beautiful existence I have reached.


I felt it was my turn to offer gratitude to the universe and to myself, connecting to my life purpose and share my medicine with the ones who are willing to embark on a healing journey with someone who truly understood them. I know it is possible, my own journey is a living proof of it.


My approach

I believe that our souls are living a human experience to heal old wounds and are given the chance to access higher levels of consciousness when we do the work. Only when we are fully showing up and live in alignment with our life purpose do we return to our true essence.


My experience taught me that we must first tackle the root cause of our programs and limiting beliefs in order to heal. When we only treat the symptoms on the surface, it has the possibility to hit again in the future until we take the responsibility to heal and release because our soul wants us to learn. Most of our blockages are not visible on a conscious level. This is the reason why I use tools to uncover the subconscious underlying programming to get rid of the obstacles and create space for healing.


I also believe in the same dynamic with relationships. I envision the relationship as a sacred union of two souls, each with a unique story, personal challenges (often not related to the couple such as childhood trauma, past relationship issues, karmic connection) and then the unique baggage of the relationship (underlying anger or resentment feeling towards the other person). It is a lot to deal with if you are willing to heal or go deeper in the relationship. That is why I often work with the partners separately before offering a couple therapy to make sure both do their part before engaging in a couple therapy. I also believe that we are the sum of what we hold in our DNA, past lives, lineage and current life. And we definitively can change it!








It took me weeks to months to find the right words to describe how wonderful this woman is. She is such a blessing. I met Sophie when I’ve been on the lowest point in my life – emotionally drained, hopeless, without life purpose. I lost the ability to feel, I just functioned. Sophie did a Ceremony with me. It was one of the most challenging, yet one of the most beautiful experiences in my life! It actually made me live again and even more. It gave my life a new direction and opened my heart again. Sophie showed me how to get on my feet again and how to look forward. I have a few more journeys and other Rituals with her and every single one was so deep and beautiful. Unconsciously it helped me to open up and get a deeper sense of me as a person. It stabilized me and led me on a new road of self-knowledge and -confidence. Sophies greatest talent is the ability to make you face your inner self – your dark and bright sides. She shows you how to listen to your heart and how to look into your soul – how to enter your subconscious. It’s fate that I met Sophie in March 2017 and words can’t describe my gratitude for that experience. It made me come back to Costa Rica in November 2018 – to be with that wonderful human being at her magical place again and consume the great spirit surrounding her. And we now this isn´t the last time…

Sophie, thank you so much for your patience, your unstoppable energy, the bright light you radiate, the love you give and just for being the person you are. Thank you for everything! I love you!

TV-Director, Germany

Sophie is an incredible intuitive healer. I had the chance to cross her path in Costa Rica and she has been an invaluable gift in my healing journey. She is passionate about the sacred feminine energy that we all have in our heart and has an incredible way of holding a sacred space for you to overcome your limiting beliefs and heal from traumas. I did several sessions with her and I can say she is highly intuitive. She has dozen of modalities in her toolbox that I was not sure which one to choose for our session but I went with an open mind and open heart and she knew exactly how to help me. Her ceremonies are incredible as well, she has a way of holding space for a group that I admire as it is not an easy task! Last but not least, the place she lives in is a paradise in the jungle! If you have the chance to come to Costa Rica she does private retreats where you get all her attention for your needs in a healing environment surrounded by the trees, river and animals. I recommend her without any hesitation and urge you to meet her. I feel so grateful for the light she spreads and the sacred space she holds for healing.

Kahina, Wellness Coach & Consultant,
Costa Rica

Sophie is a master of bringing you to the truths of your inner voice.  I’ve had one clearing session and a second session which focused on shifting from lack to abundance.  One hour after my session, I received a phone call asking me to co-facilitate my first women’s retreat!  One day after my session, I surpassed a monetary goal within my business and manifested more income than I had in two years!  For the first time in my life, I’m completely open to receiving all the monetary and emotional abundance the Universe has in store for me.  My life’s purpose feels clear, inspired, and easy.  I’m so grateful to Sophie for seeing my gifts and energetically guiding me to see them within myself.  Sessions with Sophie are like receiving the warmest hugs of love from the Divine Mother and her sessions are nothing short of miraculous.  Many blessings to you, Sophie, for the work you bring to this world.

 Amy Smith,
Health Coach certified, USA

Sophie, who after touching my aura with her hands turned into magic butterflies, awoke the writer who slept in me … then looking at me told me: You should already begin ! I never thought I would write a book, but a few days after that angel warned me,  infinities vivid memories came to my life, dreams, messages and even extraordinary experiences I was invited to sit front of the computer. Infinite thanks to her

Julio Luis Coll, Venezuela
¨The magical kaleidoscope¨ Writer, Venezuela

After hearing about the work Sophie does, I was anxious to have a session with her. The experience has been fantastic. I feel so clear and focused on today and living my future on the right soul path for me. The messages I received from Sophie after the treatment were very meaningful and confirming. The gratitude I feel for this spiritual world and people who spread pure, clear, loving energy is huge.
Thank you Sophie for being you and for sharing your gifts with the world.

Wendy Strebe,
Sound healer, Costa Rica

Sophie, I am grateful for the source that lead me here to you. You allowed me to be vulnerable, to open up and let go the darkness that for so long haunted me and filled me with sorrow. We searched together for the piece of me that was missing and it finally come home.
I feel full and renewed like I am at a new beginning and I thank you from my whole heart.

Gabby Yip,

Perhaps the most important information that I received in this life time. More important than any additional education would have been at this stage.
Thank you Sophie, for sharing me who I truly am inside and where I have to go in the next years. The visions from my soul will be my new guidance I will learn to listen to my heart and to cut with the destructive pattern of the culture I was born into. I see my Divine potential and I am happily exploring all my strengths and all the unconditional love I know I am able to provide this planet with.
Thank you for releasing the fear of my childhood and opening me up for the wonders of the elfs in the forests and rivers.
May you be happy, well and safe eternally¨

Costa Rica